"The roots of true achievements lie in the will to become the best that you can become."
Harold Taylor

Research proves that tangible incentives increase individual performance by 27% and team performance by 45%.
Memorable Incentive Reward Programs - the only limit is your imagination!
Feza Incentives is a full service incentive, travel and conferencing company based in Gauteng.
Our aim is to help our corporate clients achieve their business goals by creating cost effective behavioural change programs that utilise a range of awards including travel, conferecing, team building and recognition.
To motivate people to achieve extraordinary outcomes you need a truly extraordinary reward. There is no greater reward then an incentive travel expeience that takes people into a world of luxury, adventure and memorable occasions, all managed seamlessly and designed to build a bank of memories that will last a lifetime.

Incentive Travel that is truly memorable could be as short as a weekend, or unique destination, cruising in luxury, touring the lesser known places or simply attending a tailor made corporate event.  Incentive Travel rewards not only the incentive program participant but also their partner, they also provide the opportunity for team building and peer recognition.

When a senior executive of a company has the opportunity to host his most productive employees or most valuable customer there is an opportunity to not only reward and recognize their past achievment but also build an even better relationship to drive future profitability.  Incentive Travel can cater to a few or many; no one ever tires of an Incentive Travel award as they are constantly changing.

At Feza Incentive Development we pride ourselves on finding new and unique travel experiences that have all the right elements and then seamlessly deliver an exceptional travel experience that makes people want to come back for more.


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